Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is a breather...

from the stresses of this corporate life i've been trying so hard to climb. yet, it feels like every time i try to step up, i was stepping down.

from the insecurities i am feeling right now. my belly just got inflated by a rough estimate of 10%. my cheeks by 5%. i start not to look like my age now. i look older. i feel older. i feel less that of a sociable person i used to be when i was in college. i feel a completely changed person. but the person i changed into is not what i wanted. not what i even expected.

from the goals that i never achieved. it has been a year now since i worked in my chosen field. and yet it feels like i haven't accomplished much. i feel i am a failure.

from work load that i am doing right now. yes, you read that right. i am in the office at 1:18am of independence day. you smell irony? me too.

there. rant posted. back to work.
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