Monday, December 28, 2009

eto na nga ba sinasabi ko e

dahil sapagkat because ang panahon ng Disyembre ay panahon ng bonggang bonggang kagastusan, eto na at malapit na akong mamalimos sa kalsada. pero ayoko namang umabot sa ganung eksena, kaya mega tipid ako. pano ba naman kasi, wala yatang linggong dumaan na wala akong pinagkagastusan:

veni. vidi. vici. bora


and so i have arrived. after much waiting and anticipation, i have finally stepped into the beaches of one of the most famous islands of the country. and here i am, sharing what we did in the past 4 days and three nights. but unlike my cebu post, i've decided that instead of telling you a dear-diary account of our (mis)adventures, i'll just let you in on the fabulous things i loved about Bora:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

a picture story... (grabbed from Salbehe)

Heck, this is fun. Try your very best to find all of the pictures asked for. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

all i want for christmas is...

ok, so it's the 2nd day of the christmas month. and here i am sharing a list of my christmas wishes and plans for this year's yuletide season:

Monday, November 30, 2009

movie marathons over the long weekend


one thing i love about long weekends, is that i have the time to watch movies. yes, this time, it's plural. and like last time, the movies i watched are already watched by lots of people.

Monday, November 23, 2009

a letter about u and i

i am human.
i commit mistakes.
i sincerely apologize.
i utter things i may regret.
i am sorry for saying that to u.
i accept that it was my fault that u are mad.
i tried to be casual when u and i met one night.
i acknowledge the fact that the friendship u and i once have will never be the same again.

and u?

Monday, November 16, 2009

23 years and counting

disclaimer: i'll be cheesy on this one. if you are not prepared to witness this, do not read.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(500) days of Summer

ok magfeeling film critic ako. pagpasensyahan niyo na at medyo kunwari lang to. matagal na akong nakagraduate sa pagsusulat ng reaction paper.

Monday, November 9, 2009

tatlong hirit

ok, medyo marami raming bagay ang naganap noong weekend. hindi ko nachismis kaagad kasi wala kaming internet sa bahay. at syempre, busy din ako para machismis sila kaagad. kaya eto na.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Free Gift Certificate from Confetti Spa by just reposting this blog


sali na kayo, sumali lang din kasi ako

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pakape ka naman

kahapon nabalitaan ko na buhay nanaman ang promo ng isang sikat na coffee shop para sa kanilang planner. at dahil nga makape naman akong tao, sabi ko: why not, chocnut!

eto ang itsura ng bagong planner nila

Monday, November 2, 2009

kwentong undas


so bumisita kami sa mga pinsan ko noong undas. dumalaw sa puntod ng mga yumaong kamag-anak. naglasing sa isang bar kahit na pinapagalitan na kami dahil hinayaan naming umuwi yung mga pudra naming basag na sa kalasingan. lumafang ng sandamakmak na inihaw na liempo, manok at  bbq, pancit canton, at kung ano-anong pulutan. nagtirik ng kandila. nag-alay ng bulaklak. at ginawang photo shoot ang sementeryo sa dami ng kinuhang litrato. ito ang ilan sa kanila.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kwentong pambata, tanong matanda


napaisip ako ng bagong isusulat. bagay na hindi ko ginagawa noong nakaraang mga linggo. at habang nagrereply ako sa mga kausap ko sa plurk. lumabas ang usapan tungkol sa isang grupong nakilala ko simula ng nawalan ng balat ang ibabaw ng pututoy ko.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kwentong gym

maraming nahuhumaling ngayon sa gym. lalaki, babae, bakla, matanda, bata. mukhang sumasagi na sa utak nila na kailangan na rin nilang lumandi, este, magpapayat o magpalaki ng katawan. nauuso ang healthy lifestyle. oo tingin ko ito ay nauuso lamang na tulad ng damit ay kapag hindi na uso, ay mababaon na rin sa limot hanggang sa mauso ito ulit.

at siyempre dahil feelingera ako, nakiuso na ko.

Monday, October 26, 2009

breaking the silence


I have been too silentover the past weeks in the blogoshpere. And I do think you know why. I was again busy. Too busy would be better. No, exaggeratingly busy would seem proper.

So now, I ressurect myself from my silence. And updating my online journal to let you in on the things I have been doing over the past weeks, aside of course from the boring office stuff:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

on lending a helping hand....

the storm has passed. but it has left such massive tragedy to our fellow Filipinos. and sad to say, my relatives are one of them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a poem, a celebration, a best friend's love life


it may be a typical boy meets girl scenario.

Monday, September 14, 2009

cosmo's bachelor bash 2009

Yes, ladies and gents, or both :).

The time has come once again when the demigods of shear masculinity showers us with sexy hunks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hindi ko na to first time, pero masakit pa rin


And no people, this is not related to my previous post hehehe.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First time niyo po?… medyo masakit po a

Ok, fine. Lumandi ako. Hindi ko na kasi matiis ang urge eh.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joey de Leon's witty poem for Ingrata Willie Revillame

I received this from my cousin. Just reposted this because I liked the message of the poem and I am a fan of Joey’s literary genius. This is in line with the issue of the (in)famous TV host's instructions on-air to remove the live telecast of Cory's motorcade during his show. I say Willie's an ingrata simply because his comments are out of line. Lesson learned: if you have nothing nice to say, say it off-air. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

tsk tsk tsk... bad politician....

This was forwarded to me. And this made me realize how low a politician can go to campaign. Enough with the political commercials by those people who can’t wait to be recognized as a candidate for the presidential seat. This is just way below the belt of the people. Curse this unbecoming.

Monday, July 20, 2009

meeting the half blood prince


I decided write a post about this movie because of two things:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

anybody wanna share some positivity here?

again, sorry to say this. but it haas been quite some time since i last updated my diary. well, you know the drill. writing blog in your workstation doesn't sound productive for your bosses. that's why now that boss is not around anymore, i now have the time, power and right to blabber, hihi.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is a breather...

from the stresses of this corporate life i've been trying so hard to climb. yet, it feels like every time i try to step up, i was stepping down.

from the insecurities i am feeling right now. my belly just got inflated by a rough estimate of 10%. my cheeks by 5%. i start not to look like my age now. i look older. i feel older. i feel less that of a sociable person i used to be when i was in college. i feel a completely changed person. but the person i changed into is not what i wanted. not what i even expected.

from the goals that i never achieved. it has been a year now since i worked in my chosen field. and yet it feels like i haven't accomplished much. i feel i am a failure.

from work load that i am doing right now. yes, you read that right. i am in the office at 1:18am of independence day. you smell irony? me too.

there. rant posted. back to work.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

memoirs of caramoan


i must say the weather sucked that time. Thanks to Crising, Dante, and then new-born typhoon Emong, you just made our planned itineraries a mess, and yet here i am four days later, still reminiscing every single bit of that (mis)adventure.


for those who can relate to this post, i know you'll be reminiscing the same way as i am while writing this. so here goes. idiot's guide to caramoan adventure slang :)


famous places:

 >sabang - pier kung saan sumakay ng bangka papuntang caramoan. dito naiwan ang ilan sa mga OAs at ibang participants dahil hindi kasya sa bangka. dalawa sa tatlong bangka lang kasi ang dumating. hindi na pipnayagan sumunod ang mga naiwan dahil sa lakas ng bagyo. ayos lang, enjoy naman daw sila sa CWC

 >parlor room - isa sa dalawang kwarto sa bahay ni kagawad. dito makikita ang isang tumpok ng mga babae na pwedeng magmanicure at pedicure sa inyo habang nagpapalipas ng oras o pagkatapos maglakwatsa sa labas habang hinahampas ng ulan at hangin. parlor room sa umaga, inuman/tulugan sa gabi

 >reggae room - ang kusina sa bahay ni kagawad. dito nagluluto ang mga OAs (outdoor addicts). dito rin sila bumoborlog, tumatambay at lumalaps (ulitin ng n/2 times dahil mas madalas gawin ang tatlong bagay na nabanggit ng mga panickees kesa sa mga OAs hahaha). lugar ng sangakterbang mga SOCO sa mga litrato. dito madalas magsama sama ang mga OAs at panickees para uminom. lugar kung saan madalas maririnig ang mga kanta ni bob marley kaya nagkaroon ng ganitong titulo ang lugar na ito. nakakatuwang isipin na may dalawang duyan na pwedeng isabit dito para tulugan ng ibang OAs. naging hip hop room noong linggo nang naunang nakatulog ang karamihan sa mga OAs at naiwan ang mga panickees at ilang miyembro ng parlor room, kung kaya't ang napapatugtog ay mga pang embassy.

 >panic room - ang ikalawa sa mga kwarto sa bahay ni kagawad. doon lumalaps, bumoborlog, tumatambay, lumalaps, bumoborlog, tumatambay (ulitin ng n times) ang mga panickees. lugar na pinagdausan ng sandamakmak na inuman ng mga panickees at ilang miyembro ng OAs. lugar din ng sandamakmak na SOCO sa mga litrato. sa liit nito, nakakatuwang isipin na kasya ang pitong tao dito para matulog.

 >the bar - isang munting kubo na nagtitinda ng inumin sa caramoan. nasa tapat nito ang dagat na walang sawang humahampas ang mga alon sa dalampasigan noong panahon ng bagyo. lugar kung saan ginanap ang grand socials kung saan namigay ng special awards, raffle prizes, at tagay na gin na ang chaser ay maligamgam na tubig dahil walang tindang yelo sa establishimentong ito. lugar kung saan nagpakitang - gilas ang mga magaling kumanta o/at tumugtog ng gitara, tambol at shaker na gawa sa bote ng mineral water na may lamang mga batong maliliit. lugar kung saan hinintay ang mga bangka pabalik ng sabang port.

 >survivor site - tawag sa mga lugar kung saan kinunan ang ilan sa mga challenges ng survivor france/israel. makikitang nakatiwangwang ang mga ginawang pool, hagdan at iba pang platform ng nasabing palabas. sa kasamaang palad, sa lakas  ng ulan ay hindi napuntahan ang tinatawag nilang "tribal council".

 >paniman beach - lugar kung saan ginanap ang fun games. kahit malakas ang palo ng alon, hampas ng hangin, at patak ng ulan, hindi nagpapigil ang mga nagsipunta na karirin ang mga larong inihandog ng mga OAs

 >matukad at lahos islands - maliit na mga isla kung saan sandamukal na vanity shots, group shots, at jump shots ang ginawa ng mag nag-island hopping. maputi ang buhangin dito, ang texture ay kapareho sa buhangin ng boracay, ayon sa mga taong nakapunta na sa bora. maganda ang rock formations dito. malinaw ang asul na tubig. perfect!

 >panic boat - lumang bangkang hindi na ginagamit na nakapuwesto sa tabi ng the bar. ginawang tambayan ng mga panickees habang nag-iinom at naglalaps dahil hinihintay ang bangkang maghahatid pabalik ng sabang.


famous characters:

 >kagawad - taguri sa taong nagpatuloy sa karamihan sa mga participants sa caramoan. kung hindi sa kanya at sa pamilya niya, basang sisiw siguro labas namin dun. may sakit pa pagbalik dito.

 >outdoor addicts (OAs) - grupo ng mga taong mahilig mag-hike, mag out of town, at tagasilbi sa mga nais sumama sa kanila mga adventures. kung hindi dahil sa kanila, malamang sa malamang gutom pa rin kami hanggang ngayon, at nagkaron na kami ng mga muscles sa braso kakaigib ng tubig sa balon. hindi rin siguro malalasing ang ibang tao jan (hahaha) kung hindi dahil sa impluwensiya nila hahahaha.

 >panickees - grupo ng mga taong nagkakilala sa panic room. Mga taong walang ibang ginawa kundi tumambay, mag laaaapppssss, bumorlog, uminom, magptikyuran, tumawa, sumubo (hahaha), magparty/mag reggae reggae, etc.

 >survivor - grupo ng mga foreigner na mukhang galing sa survivor site. akala ng lahat sila ang mga kalahok sa nasabing reality show kaya nagpakuha ng litrato kasama sila. yun pala, mga staff lang yata sila at occular inspection pa lang ang ginagawa para sa bagong survivor series sa caramoan. ayos

 >pula at puti - dalawa sa mga uri ng inuming nilaklak ng karamihan sa caramoan. ang pula ay ang fundador/matador, habang ang puti naman ay gin. sikat na chaser sa dalawang inumin na ito ay tubig o soda

 >soda - softdrinks. isa sa mga chaser ng pula at puti. maaari ding inumin ng walang alak kapag oras ng laps. at walang yelo.


memorable moments:

 >stop over - ginagawa para makaraos ang pantog, o para makalaaaappppssss, o makapagyosi. hindi naman kasi tamang gawin ang mga bagay na ito sa loob ng bus :D

 >island hopping - ang naudlot na activity dahil sa bagyo na tinuloy habang naghihintay sa mga bangka na magdadala sa amin pabalik ng sabang. daming piktyuran! daming memories. may video pa!

 >grand socials - ang dapat sana ay culminating activity ng trip, kung hindi kami nastranded ng isang araw. awarding of special titles, pa raffle ng iba-ibang gamit, at inuman ng pula, puti at beer. performance night din ng ilan sa mga magaling kumanta, tumugtog ng gitara at tambol na pang-reggae.

 >laaaappppssss - ang tinuturing na main acativity ng mga panickees bukod sa socials at inuman sa panic room. isang taguri sa pagkain, paglamon. ginagawa pagkagising sa umaga, habang nakukuwentuhan sa panic room, sa tanghali, sa hapon, sa socials, sa inuman sa panic room/reggae room/kusina/parlor room, habang nanunuod ng laban ni pacquiao at hatton, habang nag-aabang ng balita kung kelan aalis ang bagyo sa caramoan, habang hinihintay ang bangka sa the bar. ang konti noh? kaya siya tinawag na main event, kasi palaging ginagawa

 >reggae reggae - tawag sa pagparty sa tugtog ng reggae music sa reggae room/kusina. ginawa pagkatapos maging lasing ng karamihan sa mga OAs at panickees

 >SOCO - Scene Of the Crime Operatives. tawag sa mga kuha sa mga camera ng mga tao na mahalay, masagwa, o kaya naman ay nakakaloka, nakakawindang, o sadyang nakakatawa. madalas ang mga kuhang ito ay sa panic room at sa reggae room. bakit? dahil doon madalas lasing ang mga tao ;)



there, that's a lot of memories. anything else i missed? oh! i know! i missed you guys! let's camp again!

Friday, March 13, 2009

it's been a while...

it's been too long that i last poured out my thoughts in this piece of digital piece of parchment. and i admit, i have been too busy with a lot of things. in, fact, i have been too busy that i forgot about getting myself a life outside the four walls surrounding my office space. circumstances forbid me to write. or maybe, i just needed to focus on my job first before writing blogs. sounds the right thing to do right?

so now i have to blurt. fate has been kind enough to lend me a few minutes to type. and time told me that my birthday is near. wow, time flies so fast when you're too stressed at work, i mean, when your having fun. oops, sarcasm's there. sorry about that.

on a brighter note, i have five things to be happy about today:

1. it's the 13th of the month. and it's friday. no, i'm not talking about the scary connotation the phrase friday the 13th gives. rather, i'm talking about the day a working person like me is waiting for... payday. a rush of money through my atm. things that would somehow make my wallet thicker than its usual size.

2. salary bonus. disclaimer: the job i'm currently at is my first job. and i have been in this company for almost a year already. thus, it is my first time to get a salary incentive, aside from the usual 13th month pay and christmas bonus. there, one more reason celebrate the advantages of having a career.

3. gift certificates. well, it's one of the benefits i have in the company that i'm working for. and yes, it somehow helps me through the usual needs that spend on. and it comes once a month. and it has arrived once more. a good excuse to shop. yipee

4. my upcoming birthday. well, i'm not sure if i want to be happy about it, knowing that i'll be spending a lot on treating my friends and family. but yeah, i guess it has to be one more reason to be happy, knowing that you completed another year of existence. one whole year of making changes on earth that ripples across time and people. one whole year of finding for mr right (and still not finding him). oops, i don't think it's something i should be happy about. but, maybe this year.... just maybe, it would be my year, and his year. yiii

5. summer time. well, i may not be happy about the increase in temperature. but i definitely can't wait to take a vacation and hit the beach, maybe get a tan (which i think i already have ever since hehe), and drool over half naked men. woot woot.

there. five reasons i'm happy today. maybe tomorrow i'll discover more reasons to be happy about.
maybe i should end this here. there are more things to tell, but i have no patience remembering them all. and fate is getting back the time she lent me. til next time perhaps, though i wonder when would that be

Friday, January 30, 2009

here we go again...

... and the words started to come out of my mouth.

and you cant blame me.

well for one, i hate myself. i hate myself for being such a corporate martyr. being passive always have its disadvantages. people, especially those i consider to be close to me, always tend to abuse my passiveness. favors here and there, asking me to do this and that, verify this and that, compute for this and that. i actually don't mind since you're my friend. and besides, some of you don't really ask me to do things on a usual basis. and besides i can really manage my time to insert your favors on my schedule. although i must admit my time is really cranked up with bullshit these days that i could hardly find time for relaxation. but that's fine. as i said, i like being asked to do things for people. BUT, that is on the assumption that i feel important to them and that i am the only able person to do your favors.

but there is/are this/these person/people who just don't seem to appreciate what i have done. maybe it's because it's their nature to ask others to do their work for other people just so that they could relax. and since here i am, their most dependable person to rely on, they could easily delegate the task to me, with the pity look in their eyes, begging for my time, attention and energy. i know this is not a healthy thing to do, being in the world where you either walk with the people or get run over if you don't. and i am not the latter, definitely. but sometimes, it gets pretty tiring. being in a fast-paced environment, it's very easy for you to get run over by people, work, stress, etc. but hey! i have a life of my own! i have my own problems to deal with! i have work to do, i have family and friends who are way closer than this/these person/people to attend to. i have bills to pay, i have dreams i am so dying to pursue, i have careers to build. i have crushes i want to be mine (ok that's kinda farfetched already haha). the point is clear, i wanna have my own life to deal with. and sometimes your favors are way too much for me to handle. and here you go, blabbering to me about delayed things, commitments not delivered. that's bullshit! fyi, you should have know that i have my own load to carry, and i don't want to drag your requests with it. that's too much. don't you know how to carry it on your own? if you can't carry the burden, then you shouldn't be here in the first place. that's bullshit for someone as old, ok experienced would be a nicer way to say it, as you.

there, the burden has gone from my system. time again to submerge myself to the crap i have hanged outside the office

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

untitled blah

segway lang bago ako tuluyang mawalan ng ulirat

it has been my regimen to dust some powder on my face, spray some perfume on my body and apply petroleum jelly on my lips before i leave the office. it is my way of rewarding myself for surviving the struggles i encountered in the office. just so i could still feeel good about myself and so that my family wouldn't have to notice that my work is really about to kill me. and of coourse i must admit that i do that to find someone, although i must say it's just a plus in my list as of now.

my point here is that i want to look good whenever somebody sees me walking the pedestrian lanes of the city when i go home. well maybe even inside public transports, but i must let you understand that im not flirting with people inside those transports or even along the sidewalks. i just want to look good, period.

but lately, for two consecutive days, i have noticed that two men, or at least they were looking as such, have disturbed me. the first one was a seatmate on a jeepney from alabang to binan, the other was a seatmate in a bus from boni to alabang. they were looking at me with the obvious intention of fulfilling their physical earthly desires which, i must say disgusts me since i dont know them and they don't look good enough for my standards, hehe.

the point here is why do i attract people that i dont like and why cant i attract the one i like?call me desperate, funny, crazy if you want. im just so frustrated.

yun lang

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

its been a while...

...since i last poured out my thoughts on a piece of cyber paper. what took me so long to use my new-age typewriter? a lot. loss of a dear beloved grandfather, christmas grieving, new year grieving, career plans, etcetera.

well, it's a new year for all of us. new things to do. to achieve. to let go, no matter how hard or sad it may be. so, how will i start the year? or should i say, how did i start the new year? well, new outlook. new principles to live by. no more misster emo senti child. i think i have had enough of that last year. now im turning over a new leaf. new things to try. new places to discover. new people to acquaint with. and yes, a new inspiration for all that bull shit that happened for the past 365 1/4 days. im on the process of shedding my skin. cracking my cocoon. spreading my newly acquired wings. hopefully, there are no frogs in my path to swallow me alive. its time for this butterfly to appreciate the world he tried so hard to hide from.

as a line from song a witch uttered in the musical Wicked: "i'm...defying gravity. and you can't pull me down".

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