Monday, July 20, 2009

meeting the half blood prince

I decided write a post about this movie because of two things:

  • I am a Potter Fan
  • The series has one last sequel to go

A book whose thickness can pass as a mini dictionary will never have a movie adaptation that is expected by its readers. Come on guys, you can’t squeeze it all in span of three hours max. Make the movie longer, and you’ll realize that the film has a greater chance to become boring.
But yes, there are “vital” scenes in the novel that need to be shown in the movie. I enclosed the word in quotes since these scenes are vital only in my opinion. An example would be… oops, this isn’t supposed to spoil the non-viewers of the film as of the moment. But, anyways, I must say that this movie is by far the best movie adaptation yet (for the whole HP series). Although I must criticize them a bit for making the story revolve on three topics: Voldemort’s memory, Draco’s influence, and the lead star’s path to teenage puberty. Yes, I’m talking about their cuddly, teeny-bopper-ish scenes. I just think there were other parts that are worth emphasizing than this. There are fight scenes that were removed, which makes the movie-goer quite hard to understand the pace unless they read the book. Or maybe, it would make the movie-goer who has read the book irritated for skipping a vital part in the novel.
The scenes were the wand is put to use always fascinate me. From Lumos Maximus, to Sectumsepra, to how a memory can be plucked from one’s brain, to how Dumbledore conjured a great wall of fire. It makes me wonder what I can do if I have a wand in my hand.
The characters have grown, as expected of them. Well, Harry looks the same, except he looks older and cuter hehe. So as Hermione. But I am quite surprised with the transformation of the following previously-not-so-hot-for-me characters:

  • The 4 Weasleys: Ron, Ginny, Fred and George. Ron got hunkier. Ginny, more lovely. Fred and George look more eligible bachelors. Slurrrp. Oops sorry, that was my fruit juice there you naughty people :)
  • Draco Malfoy. I was never his fan in the last five episodes. But here, he has just transformed to one yummy bachelor. And the bad aura in him make him all the more…. Interesting, hehe
There. I guess that wraps it up for the movie. If I were to give a rating out of 10, with 10 being the highest, I would generously give the movie an 8. Hope that since there are rumors that book seven will have two parts, I expect more attention to important scenes will be done. Better wand scenes will be achieved, and hotter character transformation, hehe. But then, again, we shouldn’t expect too much, simply because we don’t want to be disappointed in the end, right?


Samar'a Bulletin said...

i was surprised... too shocked... Prof. snape is the half-blood prince, and draco malfoy is the chosen one?

salbehe said...

kaya nga di ko muna binasa yung libro. kasi noong past life ko binabasa ko muna ang HP book bago panoorin, and its really a disappointment. ngayon papanoorin ko muna bago ko basahin para win-win. magugustuhan ko yung movie (kasi wala pa akong ine-expect) at lalong magugustuhan ko yung book kasi iba yung sa movie.

ok payn, ay layd. wala akong mahiraman ng libro kaya di ko muna nabasa hahahha

papa karl said...

@samara's bulletin: you haven't read the book yet? read it! :) it's fun! you missed a lot of details as to the plot of the novel since the movie removed a lot of scenes :)

@salve: hahahaha ayos lang yan, i read the book way before the book 3 movie was shown hahaha

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