Monday, October 26, 2009

breaking the silence

I have been too silentover the past weeks in the blogoshpere. And I do think you know why. I was again busy. Too busy would be better. No, exaggeratingly busy would seem proper.

So now, I ressurect myself from my silence. And updating my online journal to let you in on the things I have been doing over the past weeks, aside of course from the boring office stuff:

>on helping out(part 1): I have been doing volunteer work during Ondoy's aftermath. It feels good to pack goods for people who needs help. Knowing that we did not have enough finances to donate things, just by helping out in the packing gives off a great feeling.
>on helping out (part 2): In my last post here, I told you about my relatives who were also affected by the typhoons. People answered my call for charity, and I would like to thank them for sharing what they can. You know yourselves already, thanks a lot. I'm keeping your names confidential simply because I think it's the right thing to do. We have delivered the goods to them one weekend, and they are sure thankful for the help we extended to them. They are now looking for a different settlement as their old houses aren’t safe enough to live in anymore. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, they will fully recover from the tragedy. Again, my sincerest thanks.
>on having an updated look: if you are reading this entry, you should have noticed the new look of my account. I am now in the process of updating my account to custom fit my "vain" specifications. And thanks to the new feature of blogger, I can now make an intro of the post sa aking homepage. Love it. I am also open to volunteers who are willing to suggest doing stuff sa aking site. Feeling full-time blogger na ako e, although I still have to create the habit of posting blogs on a daily basis para hindi ako mawalan ng mga katulad niyo viewers. hehe

There, that seems to be all of the things I did aside from going to work and hanging out with friends :)

Next post, hmmm…. Halloween? Tignan natin :)


yobu said...

That is, certainly, the right thing to do (On keeping the names confidential). Srsly, idg why a lot of people suddenly bombarded their online photo albums with volunteering pictures. It seemed to me that they took it as a photo op or sth. Or it's like they're telling the whole world how awesome they are. Just a thought though.

papa karl said...

thanks yobu. ppoint well taken. it just seems nice din kasi to take pics while your there doing the volunteer work, especially when you see a lot of people going there to help. although minsan, or most of the time, their pics are just pics of themselves na nagmumukhang publicity stunt. i don't think there's anything wrong with that :)

salbehe said...

Sa wakas! Eto na ang koment ko.

I love your new blog. looks clean and fresh na fresh. Ikaw na ikaw. :P

>on helping out. Kelan mo kukunin yung foam sa bahay? Pwede pa bang ihabol?

salbehe said...

Nga pala, mas madali ng magcomment sa blog mo. Nice!

papa karl said...

Thanks Salbe :D

kelan ba ako pwedeng dumaan sa unit mo? hmmmm... pag-iisipan ko yan, actually, pwede naman ihabol yun kahit next year, hahaha. salamat nga pala sa charity :)

at least ngayong madali na magcomment sa blog ko, siguro naman dadami na ang magcocomment hehehe

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