Monday, June 7, 2010

the revival

finally, after much long a silence. my thirst for blogging has been revived.

for the people who have been reading this blog for quite some time now, and for my friends who are aware of my situation for the past couple of months, you knwo the reason why i was't able to blog. for the first time reader of this cyber journal, let's just put it this way: workload.

so much time has passed since i last blogged. of course, a lot has happened during those times. and just so that i can keep you guys from reading this entry, i decided to summarize the past months through bullets
  •   a very tiring work schedule
  •   a very demanding work load
  •   a very crucial project that took a very long time to finish
  •   a loveless valentine
  •   a bunch of new found friends met via several shots of alcohol
  •   my nth birthday (where n is a positive integer less than 100 :p) and my 2nd office birthday
  •   christening of my newest niece
  •   my sister's graduation (finally, nakapagpatapos na ko ng anak, errr, kapatid :D)
  •   a few out-of town trips with friends
  •   a career ended, and a new career beginning

yes people. i left the company i was working for in two years. a career where i thought i would have excelled at. a profession i thought i could last for very long. an environment i learned to accept, loved and enjoyed. if you have been taking some time to check my facebook account, you would have already known this. if not, well, now you know. it took me a lot of guts to do this, given the fact that the manpower in our team is verrry scarce. it was difficult for me to leave the office because of the people i was able to work with. i don't care much as to what will happen to the tasks i was previously doing. i know someone will manage to do it sooner or later. what i cared about is the friendship that i found through my workmates. the endless laughtrip during break times. the chismis i gather during yosi breaks. the priceless memories in drinking sessions after office hours. i know it's cheesy, and i apologize. it's my first time to experience this.

ok, let's move forward. currently tiga-makati na ko. in a different workplace. in a higher office. in a different profession. in a different work-mosphere. for sure, there will be differences, and there will always be a comparison. i just hope that this time, i have learned from the things i encountered in the past, and use it to prevent it in the future.

there. my next blog, my summer vacation this year! and yes, not even my demanding, stressful, haggarduous ex-work life will keep me from unwinding and having fun. ciao!


salbehe said...

Papa Karl!!! Akala ko mag Wordpress ka na? O mag da dotcom din? Nagreserve na ako ng isang slot sa iyo, anu ba yan!

Pero natutuwa ako kasi kahit dumugo na naman ang ilong ko pagkabasa ng not uber english post na ito ay sa wakas may update ang blog mo!

Maiinggit na naman ba ako sa summer adventures mo? Sige na nga, iintayin ko. :)

rjbuela said...

iintayin ko din ang summer-escapade mung yan! :)

J. Kulisap said...

Magrelaks ka sa bahay ko.

Sabi ni Salbe ikaw ang kaniyang Papa Karl

papa karl said...

hindi naman siguro nakakainggit ang summer vacation ko. hindi naman ako umabot ng boracay e. and besides, kasama kita sa isa sa mga outing ko dun :D

papa karl said...

welcome J. Kulisap. Nice name hehehe saw your blog na. maganda at nakakatuwang basahin. mukhang may bagong bahay akong dadalawin

roi, umayos ka muna jan. disente naman summer ko this year hahaha

Vajarl said...

I accept workload for an excuse. :)

When I left the previous company I was working for, my sigh of relief was heavier than all the typhoons we had these past three years combined. That's how bad I wanted to leave. Everything was just wrong. What made leaving a little harder were the friends I made when I was still working there. They were the ones who shared all the rants I was sulking for the whole time. I totally understand how it may have been hard for you too.

So yeah. Goodluck with the new work though. Go kick some corporate ass. :p

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