Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a letter from a bestfriend to his/her bestfriend...

dear beshy,


hay, eto na. this is the moment. its your time to shine again. time to spread your wings and soar higher. time to prove people your capabilities who doubt you. it's now time to prove them wrong.

sadly, it's also the time for our paths to part. well, i hope that it's not for long. alam mo naman na isa ka sa mga motivating factors ko which keep me going and going and going, despite all those shit that i've been going through. but enough about me, this should be about you.

thanks beshy. for letting me take part in your life. i couldn't imagine what would my life have been if you're not there. i've been through a lot of things. you have been through a lot of things. we have been through a lot of things together. and thanks to you, we've managed to overcome those. then before you know it, ayan nanaman, bagong problema nanaman. now, we're just laughing about them and those people who are still struggling through that same thing without knowing what to do about them.


thanks beshy. for making me feel a part of your family. honestly, marami kayong nagparamdam sa akin ng ganyan. pero, never did i felt this much. you made me stay in your place sa pasay, kahit hindi ka na talaga doon umuuwi. thanks for cooking food for me (us), waiting for me to arrive home before eating dinner even if mamamatay ka na sa gutom (hay, i could so remember that day :) ). thanks for introducing me to your relatives na parang jowa mo ako. thanks for inviting me sa mga pakain niyo sa pasay, sa christmas party niyo, at sa mga birthday party ng kung sinu-sinong kamag-anak niyo. you made me feel fat, pero it made my heart even fatter. thanks beshy.

thanks din beshy, for confiding your feelings to me. from your crushes, to your struggles sa acads, to your bonggang-bonggang love life, even to the point of your personal life. lahat lahat. thanks for trusting me with that. it's a bit embarassing for some people to open such kinds of stuff, and yet, you willingly shared them with me. you don't know how much that trust meant to me. it gave me a deeper sense of fulfillment knowing that at least in my life, somebody gave me that kind of trust. i am deeply grateful for that.


now that you're leaving the country, it's almost automatic for the people you will be leaving behind to feel sad. so don't tell us na wag kami umiyak. you know we'll miss you. so let us show you how much we'll miss you. your smile, your sense of style, your car, your make-up, your house, your pet dog, your stylish phone...ay puro material? hahaha... but seriously, we'll miss your company. i know that an email from us can reach you, pero iba pa rin ang physical presence mo. hindi naman tayo pwede maginuman over emails di ba? yosi din... hahaha

sigh, i know that it'll be a different southville when you're gone. one less kikay girl i know. no more blue honda car blaring her horn in front of my house just so that we could go out to have coffee, yosi break, boy-watching sa basketball court, inuman sa tenessee, gimik somewhere, or just hang-out sa maryland, missouri, monaco or bugaria. no more moments together. kami meron, tayo wala na...after two years pa.

beshy, you take good care of yourself there. it's a totally new world for you there. i know you have plans of slimming down, but don't use that excuse to skip meals, ok? no tita ema there to wake you up because you're late for school. no me there to help you do your homeworks. it's just you. you're on your own there. no manang diling to do your laundry and tidy up your room and cook your meals. no security guard to always keep your flat safe. no bribery from policemen (oops :p). i know kaya mo naman. just remember, email lang ang katapat ng home sickness ok? i'll be trying to follow you sa london soon, siguro a few months after my regularization...konting tiis muna ha? i'm not making promises baka kasi madepress ka kapag hindi ako napadpad diyan anytime soon.

and just remember. we're always here to support you. kung kayang sagutin ang mga tanong, hinaing (wag muna pera beshy :p), requests...basta kaya namin, we'll be glad to help you. you have been a great part of my life. of OUR lives. and we are deeply grateful for that. don't forget to pray ha? hindi naman yan muslim country na pagbabawalan ka, so go lang and pray whenever you feel down and hopeless.

so paano ba yan beshy? i'll try to see you soon, ok? otherwise, i'll see you in two years, ok? we'll be praying for your success there ok? smile beshy you deserve it more than any of us :) we love you beshy. wag kang makakalimot ha? kami kasi hindi :) mwah mwah


hugs, kisses, prayers,

beshy papakarl

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