Thursday, October 23, 2008

the month im looking forward to and dreading at the same coming

two months more, and it's december.

why im looking forward to december? hmmm... lots of things. my first christmas bonus (yes, meron ako even though hindi pa ako regular). christmas shopping na! hehe the long vacation. who in the corporate world wouldn't look forward to that? XD

the cold breeze of the season. yes, im looking forward to it. its damn cold kasi dito sa pilipinas, ;p

some childhood traditions i never grew up. buying new clothes and shoes. im gonna buy myself a new bag. i think i deserve it since my office bag badly needs its retirement. receiving gifts from parents for being good (?) for the past year. noche buena shopping means the fridge will be full again with scrumptious food like ham, leche flan, queso de bola, homemade pasta, fruit salad and other fancy sweets. christmas dawn masses, i hope i could complete it this year. yuletide delicacies like puto bumbong and bibingka after dawn mass, yummy. christmas decorations from christmas trees, lanterns, angels, santa claus, reindeers, metallic christmas balls, poinsettia and other flowers full of glitter, wreaths, candy canes, and of course, the belen.

how can i forget the beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree? even though i sometimes do the wrapping, there's still that hint of thrill i feel every time a present is opened, of course im not the one who wraps my present haha

the spirit of togetherness, the mere fact that you're celebrating jesus' arrival on earth with your relatives is something i always look forward to. everybody has a smile on their faces during this time of the year. the countdown to 12mn is always an event we do in the family. everybody kisses and hugs each other at the strike of the clock. its a nice site.

having said all that, why on earth would i dread for december? well, the inaanak. i have so many of them i dont think i could afford giving them all a present. next, since i am also now in the working section of my family, i am "required" to contribute to the family expenses this coming season. tsk3, not that i don't want to, but im afraid that i wont be able to save enough for myself. 

lastly, the deal. ok story telling time. it happened last december at up-diliman during the lantern parade. me and tina saw what we thought as the most romantic fireworks display after the program. and yes, we are both single that time. we felt pity for ourselves as we saw a few couples holding hands together, savoring the romantic atmosphere the pyrotechnic display brought. then, we thought of making a deal: that we will bring our significant other next year and watch the parade and the fireworks together so that we wont feel any remorse for our ever miserable love life. and that time is about to come in a few weeks time! wah!

yes, i am starting to panic. who will i bring with me? who wants to share that romantic moment with someone like me? shit, panic panic PANIC!
i have prospects, pero with the situation i have, i doubt kung siya ang makakasama ko. tsk3
karl wake up... WAKE UP!

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