Monday, December 8, 2008

the christmas bug hasn't bitten me yet...

yes, and to think it's just 15 effin days before that special day.

the cool (not cold) breeze is here. im seeing thousands of tiny bulbs forming lines, glowing in trees along highways, street lamps, business establishments, and houses. fancy ornaments of metallic red, blue, gold, silver, among the several other colors, are seen hanging in wreaths and christmas trees. out comes the very famous figures of santa claus; rudolph and his 6 friends; angels clad in fancy gowns carrying instruments such as harps, trumpets and violins; and who would ever forget the stable, the manger complete with the three wise men, the shepherd and his flock, with the family celebrating the birth of our Saviour. lanterns of different sizes, colors and lights line up the streets. people rushing here and there shopping for gifts. children could be heard on the streets singing to tunes who knows who invented them, with flattened beer caps and empty milk cans as their accompaniment. yes, indeed. the time is drawing near.

and in spite of these, im still not excited about christmas. im not sure i want to celebrate it this year. well, i have already expressed my sentiments on this before, but my mood should have shifted already by this time.

sigh, to you out there, help me feel the christmas spirit. the spirit i should have been feeling since the start of the month. it feels like it's not fun anymore when it should be. sigh, back to work
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