Monday, December 1, 2008

she came back...

yes, you came back.

i thought we will be seeing each other again after two years, but then again, you came back after just a month.

you were crying over little things in your first few days of leaving. and i was there to listen. now, you're back and things changed.

well, i do think it was for the better. after all, you came back smiling. and you said you found yourself a new... friend. yes, it was a friend, but until when?

now, don't look at me like im jealous, because frankly speaking im not. im just afraid that since you'll be having a newbie, we'll be hearing less from you when you leave again. that's what im afraid of. im afraid that you'll leave everything behind here. im afraid i wont be able to know you again. im afraid you'll forget me. us.

soon, you'll leave again. will this be for good already? and when you say you'll leave, would that mean you'll leave everything behind? and when you say everything, does that include us?

im afraid. but i have no choice. i have to let you go. again.

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