Monday, September 14, 2009

cosmo's bachelor bash 2009

Yes, ladies and gents, or both :).

The time has come once again when the demigods of shear masculinity showers us with sexy hunks.

Firstly, I would like to thank my friend jaja for letting me experience this once a year oogling :) til next year friend :)

I tell you, I was not prepared to go into such a fashionable event that night. I was wearing one of my common corpo clothes. No digicam, just my camera phone. Unstyled hair. But who cares anyway? I'm not part of the ramp models, haha.

So anyways, here's a slideshow of what I took during the show. And I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Next is a video taken when the centerfold bachelors were introduced and during the finale when all those sexy men are on stage.

So take a seat. Relax. And enjoy the view, hahaha.

O and by the way, grab hold of your undies people for they might fall without you knowing ;)


salbehe said...

Syet! naaliw ako sa "Saan ang shirt mo kuya?" picture! hindi ko nahawakan ang panty ko, nalaglag na! Hahhaa

Ok. Im so soooo inggit!

papa karl said...

@salbehe: hahaha, kung napapansin mo, isang kamay ko lang ang nasa katawan ni kuya. yung isang kamay ko hawak ang undies ko! kakaloka! hahaha

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