Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a poem, a celebration, a best friend's love life

it may be a typical boy meets girl scenario.

the difference was they met inside a basketball court.
and since then, it felt like it was an indisposable tradition
that we should always watch his game every summer.

then they met. soon enough,
girl confessed her feelings to her close friends.
boy on the other hand,
shrugged it off and said otherwise.

but i guess it was fate.
without a warning, they became friends.
suddenly, close friends.
now, they are inseparable.

and today, they are off to celebrate
4 months of a sweet relationship.
16 weeks of sheer joy
123 days of overflowing love.

and so i wish this couple,
as they commemorate this special day,
that they may continue to enjoy each other.
that they may cherish every moment they spend.
for it is very rare that you may find
true love that is one of a kind.

happy 4th monthsary beshy and jhay :)


salbehe said...

yieee! Happy 4th monthsary beah and jhay! :D

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