Monday, November 16, 2009

23 years and counting

disclaimer: i'll be cheesy on this one. if you are not prepared to witness this, do not read.

november 17, 1986. for most of the people in the world, it was an ordinary day. for others, it was a celebration of their birthday. but for two ordinary people whose lives were never in the middle of the world's spotlight, this day will change their lives.

a lady clad in a white dress. a man wearing a polo barong. with hands held tight, they entered a hall. inside, there were other pairs in the same clothing, all pairs holding hands as well. in front of them all was a man in his late years, dressed in a black cloak. all became silent after his appearance. then the ceremony commenced.

the man held his partner's hand, and in front of the old man he uttered his words of assurance. words that he vowed to fulfill for the rest of his life. tears were rolling down the lady's eyes. after a few moments of damping her face with a hankie, she gathered herself and said the same set of words, reciprocating the vows her man told her.

a pair of rings followed. man inserted the silver ornament around her finger. she did the same to him. statements of love and trust prevail the air as both held each other's hands.

then, with the old man's blessing, they kissed each other, symbolizing the end of the sacred ceremony. they are now newly weds.

november 17, 2009. 23 years later. man went on leave in the office to celebrate their wedding anniversary together.

happy 23rd anniversary mom and dad :) we love you

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