Monday, November 23, 2009

a letter about u and i

i am human.
i commit mistakes.
i sincerely apologize.
i utter things i may regret.
i am sorry for saying that to u.
i accept that it was my fault that u are mad.
i tried to be casual when u and i met one night.
i acknowledge the fact that the friendship u and i once have will never be the same again.

and u?

u are mad.
u stirred up a friend's occasion.
u utter things that hurt i more than i hurt u.
u are one stubborn bitch. yes, u are not human.
u don't apologize, telling i that u will just see i in hell.
u don't realize the expanse of the friendship u and i had.
u see only the mistake i committed. and u are going ballistic about it.
u never even realized that it was u who was the reason for i's outburst.
u never thought about how much pressure u put on i. even in ur friends.
u only see what benefits u obtain from them. from us. and that sucks big time.
u are one big user-friendly bitch. and this outburst that i am doing right now is a testament that i have enough of
u blabbering around, ordering friends like they are your miserable servants. and yet all this time  
u say that it was all just a favor. wake up. norms state that a favor is something that is asked kindly and not commanded.
u never realized that.

if this post would mean the end of that friendship, then i am sorry.
i would love to have more friends, but not a friend in the likes of u.
i am fed up. this time, i will not be pushed around anymore.
u will move on. i don't know if u will change for the better because of this.
i don't think i have enough time to care.


salbehe said...

hope this is not about me.

papa karl said...

yes salve, this is not about you. friends tayo e :D

cielo said...


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