Wednesday, December 2, 2009

all i want for christmas is...

ok, so it's the 2nd day of the christmas month. and here i am sharing a list of my christmas wishes and plans for this year's yuletide season:

10. the 2010 starbucks planner > attainable, i think. i only have a few stickers left to complete the card. i resolve that starting next year, i will put this planner into good use, meaning i will use it to plan my schedule, my expenses, and my life. ok, back track: i usually get the planner of my dad that he gets free from his company every year. and the only times i write on it is when i know someone's having a birthday, or i need a scratch paper. so starting next year, wish me luck that i accomplish this feat. it's quite hard for a first-timer you know. :)

malapit ka nang maging akin, *wicked laugh*

9. a well budgeted december > close to unattainable. how come? department day away on the 4th, out of town trip with friends from 6th-9th, company christmas party and neice's 1st birthday on the 11th, office mate's wedding in zambales with out of town on the 22nd and 23rd (sinamantala namin ang schedule tutal magkalapit lang naman ang venue ng kasal and swimming), christmas shopping for the relatives somewhere within this month, christmas on the 25th, new year on the 31st. now you tell me, how am i supposed to budget my ever so minute salary with this! hehehe. though i'm trying my best to accomplish this. but this is just crazy! haha

oh no

8. a good pair of shoes > close to unattainable as well. why? i don't think i have enough money to buy myself, so i'm just wishing this for christmas, hehe. one black and one white. the pointed ones preferably. the ones you usually see being worn by korean artists hehehe. well, i need the white ones by 11th as i will be using it on our company christmas party (side note: the party has music icons as its theme, so i will be impersonating a korean artist). guys, if you can't give me this for christmas, then perhaps maybe you can lend me that one. it's just for a day. i promise my feet don't stink, lol.

imagine me wearing these at the same time! lol

7. a blooming lovelife > unattainable, well at least for this month/year. if you know me, you'll understand why. if not, and you're interested, comment below, lol

too bad, isn't it

6. a salary increase > it's been a year and a half since i started working, and thanks to global recession, i'm one of those lucky people who didn't get a raise. so, yeah, i'm targetting that. but hopefully, by next year... yay :)

wag naman po!

5. revival of old hobbies > that is singing and dancing. it's been a while since i last did these (not the videoke or singing and dancing in the shower which i still do to this day). i just feel like these skills are slowly wearing away, and i don't think i like it. 

makes me wanna go back in highschool...not!

4. a healed friendship > if you have read this, you'll understand. i just don't want to end this year with grudges with anyone, especially with the ones closest to me. i hope this rift between u and i comes to an end soon.

just like old times

3. better relationship with my dad > i have posted blogs about this. i mean who wouldn't want to be close with his/her father? it's been a while since i started working. and it's been a while since the gap between me and my father started to widen. i don't want to think that it has something to do with me earning, but it seems that it is. come on! this is what you sent me to school for! to get a good job, and good paying job at the least (well, compared to some other jobs). ok, breathe. i need to make peace with him. soon.


2. a complete attendance to the simbang gabi > attainable, i think. i did it once, why can't i do it again?besides, after the dawn mass, i can just have breakfast and rush to work. early bird pa drama ko nun! i have a wish that i want to come true, can't say it yet, but i hope that through the beliefs that completing the masses will grant me a wish, this wish will turn into a reality. *crosses fingers*

*sings* ika labing-anim ng disyembre...

and last but not the least

1. make peace with God > attainable (?). it's been almost a year since my grandfather died. and i doubted the Lord as to why does it have to be on christmas day. for almost a year i can only count with my fingers as to the number of times i went to church. it seems that i have distanced myself with Him for taking my grandfather away on His birthday. and after almost a year, i realized that i was wrong for doing it. maybe it really was His will for him that he pass on that day. perhaps He made it sure that we are all in his presence before he leaves hid mortal body.

forgive me

there, like everyone says in their wishlist, "libre mangarap". well, i just did. so now, what's your wishlist?

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salbehe said...

Wow naman. Ang pinaka (as in pinaka!) unmaterialistic(?) wishlist na nakita ko. Good luck! *wink*

papa karl said...

hehehe, actually, hindi lang ikaw ang nagsabi nito. pangalawa ka na. and ngayon ko lang siya talaga narealize hahaha :D

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