Thursday, December 3, 2009

a picture story... (grabbed from Salbehe)

Heck, this is fun. Try your very best to find all of the pictures asked for. 

1. a picture of you in your room

let me explain: i'm still lean here and this was taken at my cousin's previous apartment

2. a picture with a former crush

for those who know me, we all know that this is really a previous crush. lol

3. a picture of you very drunk

my gahd! the face!!!!! why on earth did i upload this!

4. a picture of you on your birthday, or favorite holiday

fine. summer's not considered a holiday. but i still love it

5. the youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form

sorry for the low quality... i actually look like my mom here :)

6. a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits

credits to Danica Aninao for this fab photo

7. a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera

the tongue action :p

8. a picture you might have edited to make yourself look better

i would have preferred to have sexy abs here, lol (my creative pic for my college yearbook)

9. a picture of a night you regret

10. a picture of being trully yourself

always staring into nothingness... emo much

11. your most recent picture

seems like it's been a while since i became this vain hahaha

12. a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous

why did i try flying in water in the first place? duh!

13. a picture of you showing off your new haircut

i even made an album on multiply... such a show-off

14. a picture of a time in your life thats over, but you wish it wasn’t

university graduation during college. sniff sniff

15. a picture of a time in your life that is over, and you couldn’t be  more thankful that it is

harrassment days are so gone... i'm doing the harrassment this time lol :D

16. a picture of you when you are genuinely happy

taken during my first Alumni Homecoming in UPD

17. a picture of you that you had no idea was being taken

my first snorkeling adventure. credits to Salve Mogul for the shot

18. a picture of you when you are a different person you are now

i'm not totoy anymore :)

19. a picture of you with someone you love

since i don't have a lovelife (actually, i'd rather not post "our" pic as the person doesn't know it)

20. a picture of you of how you’d like the world to see you

hot, and very vain :D

21. a picture that describes of how you’d like to spend everyday

chill and relaxed

22. a picture of a time when everything was changing

jump shot. everything is in motion :)

23. a picture that makes your heart hurt

it makes me teary-eyed every time i realize that tatang's not with us anymore

24. a picture that makes your heart smile

emo runs in our blood. lol

25. a picture of one of your best days/ nights of your life

turning the sablay to become official UP graduates

for comments, and violent reactions, comment below, lol. try it, it's fun reminiscing.


salbehe said...

Hahaha! Hang cute, hang saya! Sabi sa iyo, naaliw din akong gumawa nito. :D

Anonymous said...


i have one of these sa multiply ko pero album sha. ^^

sabi nila some of these pictures will never change. ^^ pero dapat daw every year mas nagiging mas mahirap piliin ang mga pictures na gusto mong ieliminate para isama o gamitin. dahil ibig sabihin nun you are making more memories that you would never want to forget. ^^

Yobu said...

Picture 21: I was like... OMG BOY ABUNDA?

papa karl said...

@salbehe: salamat sa ganitong uri ng post. kakatuwa nga magreminisce :D

@sugarcoated cynic: so next year, i'll try to do this post again.... pressure!

@yobu: hahahaha, nice analogy, kaibigan hahahaha :D

eMz said...

ang dami! di ko kaya to! halungkat to the max eh! hahaha

infernez sa number 18 -- chubby-chubbyhan ang drama. wala ka nang baby fats! XD

papa karl said...

@eMz: wala na nga akong baby fats. puro beer belly na ko lately e hahaha :D

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