Thursday, November 27, 2008


ok, so i surprised kee and the drinkers at drew's by suddenly showing up. and yes, i felt like i was attending a grand prodigal son-ish homecoming. hugs and kisses welcomed me to the group. there was jeyson, meia, gee, kee, aaron, lea, julie, annalea, chaida, donna. kuya ross followed shortly. and kuya jasper, too.

ok, i arrived drew's surprised to see new faces joining the drinkers. and i was surprised to see that most of them are already beyond their alcohol tolerance.

ok, yada yada yada... kwentuhan here and there. i became updated to the latest happenings to my dear org.

ok, i heard their side already. i hope i could hear the other side as well. soon

ok, i had drinks, four shots actually of drew's concoctions. and to think that i did not have dinner. i prepared myself for my very worse behavior that night.

ok, we were discussing things while drinking, when all of a sudden, one of the drinkers cried. everyone went to either comfort her or just be anxious about why did this drinker cried. ok, enough said, i will not delve into the details as i assume this is not for public consumption. and just as i thought it was over, another drinker cried. sheesh, aren't we supposed to be having fun?

ok, my mind is like i hadn't drink that night because of what happened. and to top it all off, another drinker cried.

ok, you can blame me for that; that's the way thing really are right now. sorry.

ok, what the hell is wrong with the drinkers that night? two-five drinkers were dancing, two of them wildly. some drinkers trying to add a new vice. in front of me. ok, i don't like that. drinker who couldn't even control himself/herself simple because the person is so drunk that person could crawl back home regardless if the drinker still has his/her stuff with him/her. sheesh. i have never encountered any of that kind in my college years, even in my entire existence.

ok, i am not mad. it's just that why would there be such people who continue drinking even if they already know they have reached their limit?

ok, i am embarrassed by what happened. embarrassed by what people saw. embarrassed by what people perceived of my friends that night. embarrassed that i wasn't able to do something to relieve them from such embarrassment.

but, they're my friends. the hell i care about what other people say about them. to hell i care about what they would think about us. they don't know us. so don't they ever bother minding us.

ok, end of rant.
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