Friday, March 13, 2009

it's been a while...

it's been too long that i last poured out my thoughts in this piece of digital piece of parchment. and i admit, i have been too busy with a lot of things. in, fact, i have been too busy that i forgot about getting myself a life outside the four walls surrounding my office space. circumstances forbid me to write. or maybe, i just needed to focus on my job first before writing blogs. sounds the right thing to do right?

so now i have to blurt. fate has been kind enough to lend me a few minutes to type. and time told me that my birthday is near. wow, time flies so fast when you're too stressed at work, i mean, when your having fun. oops, sarcasm's there. sorry about that.

on a brighter note, i have five things to be happy about today:

1. it's the 13th of the month. and it's friday. no, i'm not talking about the scary connotation the phrase friday the 13th gives. rather, i'm talking about the day a working person like me is waiting for... payday. a rush of money through my atm. things that would somehow make my wallet thicker than its usual size.

2. salary bonus. disclaimer: the job i'm currently at is my first job. and i have been in this company for almost a year already. thus, it is my first time to get a salary incentive, aside from the usual 13th month pay and christmas bonus. there, one more reason celebrate the advantages of having a career.

3. gift certificates. well, it's one of the benefits i have in the company that i'm working for. and yes, it somehow helps me through the usual needs that spend on. and it comes once a month. and it has arrived once more. a good excuse to shop. yipee

4. my upcoming birthday. well, i'm not sure if i want to be happy about it, knowing that i'll be spending a lot on treating my friends and family. but yeah, i guess it has to be one more reason to be happy, knowing that you completed another year of existence. one whole year of making changes on earth that ripples across time and people. one whole year of finding for mr right (and still not finding him). oops, i don't think it's something i should be happy about. but, maybe this year.... just maybe, it would be my year, and his year. yiii

5. summer time. well, i may not be happy about the increase in temperature. but i definitely can't wait to take a vacation and hit the beach, maybe get a tan (which i think i already have ever since hehe), and drool over half naked men. woot woot.

there. five reasons i'm happy today. maybe tomorrow i'll discover more reasons to be happy about.
maybe i should end this here. there are more things to tell, but i have no patience remembering them all. and fate is getting back the time she lent me. til next time perhaps, though i wonder when would that be
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