Monday, December 28, 2009

veni. vidi. vici. bora

and so i have arrived. after much waiting and anticipation, i have finally stepped into the beaches of one of the most famous islands of the country. and here i am, sharing what we did in the past 4 days and three nights. but unlike my cebu post, i've decided that instead of telling you a dear-diary account of our (mis)adventures, i'll just let you in on the fabulous things i loved about Bora:

The Beach
of course, Bora brags its white sand. And it has every right to do so. it has the finest sand in the country, for most (if not all) local and international tourists. yes, you may argue that there are broken seashells there as well, but they're located only at a few locations in the beach, and they're not that many either.

only in Bora will you find me topless by the beach :p

for me, it also has the clearest saltwater i have seen in all my beachcapades. and since it's december, the water cools your skin, making the rays of the sun more tolerable. and the sea breeze is so soothing since it has the christmas spirit with it.

i admit. dugong na kung dugong :D

the beach front also has a nice view. the whole stretch of sand hosts an array of different establishments - hotels, restaurants, bars, massage spas, coffee shops, souvenir shops among others. makes you feel like the tourism authorities trying to create a copy of the beaches in the states.... but that's just my opinion.

even Marimar's Fulgoso was here! ;)

sipping iced mocha at Discovery Shores... taray!

The Activities
the island is now thriving with watersport shops and other activities fit for the adventurous, the athletic and the rich, hehe. from skim boarding (which i tried and tried, until the board gave up on me for being such a sloppy first timer), snorkeling, scuba diving, to zorbs and helmet diving hopping to parasailing, banana boats,  jet skis, fly fish and speedboats to riding ATV on a mountain and island hopping. name an activity and probably they have it. price ranges from 300 to 3000 depending on which sport you wish to spend your 13th month pay in. (un)fortunately for us, we opted not to try any as we are still planning to go back.

let's say that for now, i'm satisfied with taking pictures of the sailboats

The Sunset
it's always nice to see the sunset on a beach with people close to you, be it a friend, your bf/gf, or your family, or even a hot stranger (hehe). and bora gives you just that.

a perfect sunset is best matched with a vanity session with friends :)

accompanied with sailboats passing by the sea, the scene is just so calming and i do think everyone just loves it. i suggest you watch the sunset while lying on a bench and enjoying a fruit shake. voila, that is paradise.

i quote my gay bestfriend: this is really is it, is it? lol

The Nightlife
when you have such a massive market reach, you need to have a lot of bars. and boracay is not an exception. From affordable local drinks to fancy cocktails, to high end shots, no wonder every happy-go-lucky person with the desire to get laid drunk will surely enjoy here. Bamboo Lounge, Club Parau, Bambooze, Guilly's Island, Juice Bar and the high-ends like Calypso and Le Soleil de Boracay. and the beats here are similar to what we have in manila - they have house, trance, techno, and hiphop (although i must warn you, they are a bit less updated with the last genre, but it's all good).

cheers to a good laid back life at bora

The Shops
i am the type of tourist who always needs to buy pasalubong and souvenirs for my family. thankfully, boracay has d' mall. a place for shopping souvenirs, you can find everything you need here: swimsuits/dresses, flipflops, bags, native crafts, magnets, boardshorts, hats, sarongs, shirts, accessories, and even handwoven dinner mats, table runners, chimes and other wall accents. they even house commercial brands like SwiM, Crocs, All Flip-Flops, just to name a few. it's a souvenir-savvy's heaven, especially if you know how to beg for a lower price :D 

The Glorious Foodtrip
after all that swimming, parasailing, snorkeling, island hopping, our bodies need an energy refill. and bora knows how to feed its visitors. price ranges from as low as 50 pesos (at Andok's, which by the way has at least 3 branches on that island, geez) to a whopping 1000 at a dinner buffet at Discovery Shores. 

not all that glistens is gold... but why care! haha (sizzling bulalo at Smoke)

and the range of meals is good enough for everyone's tastebuds: pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, lobsters, shrimps, crab, fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb cooked just the way you want it - fried, seared, grilled, boiled, steamed, sauteed, broiled.... argh, just makes my mouth water. 

hearty brunch meal with the famous fruitshakes at Jonah's

and they're lined up facing the beach! imagine having your breakfast with your feet touching the sand while catching the sunrise, or perhaps slurping a fresh fruit shake while seeing the sunset, or even indulging in a dinner buffet while hearing the waves splashing the fine beach sand.

I just want to come back here....ASAP!

P.S. this post was supposedly to be posted Dec.15. Apparently, I was busy, but enough of that lame excuse for not updating this site. I'll be flooding you with more posts in a bit :D


salbehe said...

Ang tagal kong hinintay. Sa wakas eto na! Excited na akong magkoment kahit hindi ko pa nababasa lahat. Namboso muna ako ng mga pictures. Nyahahahha!

Teka nga babasahin ko na. :P

papa karl said...

hahahaha, go salbehe, go lang!

cielo said...


heto na bora na!

excited na din ako magbora!! gow!

Pink Erloo said...

jonah's milkshakes rule!!!!!

ATV was fun too!!!

hays..namiss ko tuloy..balik tayo!! ^_^

papa karl said...

pwede kayang magkaron ng panickers' adventures in bora sa 2010?! ay! alam na!!!!!!

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