Wednesday, November 5, 2008

finally... im done

yes, after two weeks of reading this in front of a computer, i'm finally able to say that i have read twilight.

and yes, another ebook is next in line, new moon.

anyways, i think i should write something about the book. the characters are so god-like (or devil-like). from the looks i imagined before i saw the trailer, to their economic status, to their abilities. too perfect to be real. the cars, drool-worthy. the places, really surreal. well thought of plot (ok, this is coming from a not so book-worm reader perspective). the baseball game, astig. never thought that a person could be so imaginative to be able to make it seem fictional. 

and of course, the ever so unending kilig scenes nina edward and bella. grabe, inggit na inggit ako sa kanila! talk about landian! hahaha :D

ay i just cant wait to read new moon. hahaha
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