Tuesday, November 4, 2008

an office rant

i hate the fact that im bum today when i know that i shouldn't be.

i have a simulation which i should be doing right now, but i'm not doing it simply because i have no idea how to do it. and besides, the data i need is not yet with me! darn it! the next thing i'll realize is that the deadline is just two days away, so it's crunch time for me nanaman! argh

well, ayoko ng ganun. ayoko na. i was used to those kinds of crap before. but not now, not in the real world.

why does it have to happen to me? why did someone have to take a leave when it's supposed to be one of the most crucial periods in the workplace? wala tuloy akong mahingan ng tulong. everyone here's so busy doing their own stuff, and that person is supposedly doing the same thing with me right now! argh argh arrgghh!!!

so what the hell am i doing right now? wala. hopeless. this is really shit. that person will be coming back pa next week so kamusta naman yun! grabe, im not saying na that person doesnt have the right to take a leave. im just saying na sana she comes here soon enough para magawa ko yung dapat kong gawin. i do believe im behind schedule, which in turn would mean tireless consecutive overtime sa office! darn!

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